FMC Friction Materials

Currently, FMC have available at their disposal, a wide and unique range of friction materials.
They have been developed primarily for original equipment use but also fine tuned in the aftermarket on problematic applications.

Typical uses include:

  • Forklift - Transmission and Brake

  • Marine - Transmission and Winch

  • Excavator - Swing and Travel Brakes

  • Military - Specialist Products

  • Bus - Transmission and Retarder

  • Agriculture - Brake, PTO and Shuttle Transmission

  • Mining - Torque Limiter, Transmission and Brake

  • Motorsport - Limited Slip Differential

  • Earthmoving - Master and Steering Clutch, Wet Brake, Differential Units and Powershift Transmission

There is an ongoing program to upgrade existing materials as well as continuing pressure to develop new ones.

The left margin shows our standard friction materials and their links to their pages. They are all available from FMC.