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FMC Core Values

Core values are extremely important because they are at the heart of what we do.
Values demonstrate what the organisation stands for and helps to create a set of shared behaviours which distinguishes us from other companies.


We view ourselves from the customer perspective and try to not only meet our customer’s expectations but exceed them.  We also continually communicate with our customers to understand their changing needs and modify the organisation to adapt to this change.


The organisation is committed to maintaining its strong team ethic and works to develop the best possible systems for good communication.


We promote an innovative culture and positive attitude towards progressive change understanding that this is one of the key drivers for growth. We constantly look towards new and innovative ways to not only advance technologically with products and processes but to also innovate our systems and how we control the flow of products and information throughout the organisation.


We do not follow the traditional view whereby the majority of learning stops after school or further education.  FMC values each individual contribution and believes that we can better achieve our future vision by continuous life long learning and personal development of skills for all employees and constantly sharing our collective knowledge and our ideas.


FMC understands that everybody within the organisation has a shared responsibility for the company as a whole and it’s results. We understand that all employees have a social responsibility to each other and all other persons that come into contact with the company. We carefully protect the company’s ethos as an organisation which has a strong presence of respect, trust and integrity throughout all its business operations.


FMC understands that to retain and progress its global market position the organisation needs to embrace opportunities to develop ever stronger relationships with its customers, suppliers and potential business partners. We seek to work collectively in a united way with other organisations to pursue mutually beneficial goals and objectives.


Organisations that FMC are members

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Link to the IDA

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TUV 9001 cert

TUV-cert 14001


ivestors in people


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